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Courtney completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2018 and has worked in a number of clinics in and around Ellenbrook before setting up her own business. Courtney is particularly interested in treating neck and upper back issues, as well as helping people with chronic pain, headaches and migraines. She also believes that massage can be a great tool for dealing with anxiety, depression and stress – knowing how often pain affects our mental health and vice versa. Courtney approaches each treatment with empathy, ready to listen and try to piece together what is really going on for her clients. During her treatments, Courtney likes to approach the body as a whole and enjoys using remedial massage techniques in a relaxing way.

Courtney’s other great passion is for theatre, when she’s not at work you can often find her coming up with ideas and rehearsing for her next performance with The Open Lid Ensemble. She has also recently discovered a love of gardening, but don’t start her talking about succulents unless you’re ready for a long conversation with a proud (or crazy?) plant mum.